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Start an interesting life today!


You have always wanted to keep a diary but inspiration fails to come? You don’t have time to sit down to write every day? Postbook is meant for you! Postbook usually starts four sentences each day, leaving it up to you to complete them with a preferably happy ending. (e.g.: Today I enjoyed the most…; I have to repeat…)

Postbook has notes for less than 365 days, so you can choose how often you post your memories. Since pages are not numbered or dated you don’t need to move on in order, though it’s recommended.

There’s only one rule you should definitely keep: consider starting sentences linked to one date as a unit, don’t leave any for later.
Some days besides completing the starting sentences we also challenge you to take some action, and report on it.

If you want to share your experience, posts with others, if you’re interested in other Postbooks with unique covers, thematic interiors, visit our Facebook page!


If you really want to write a diary, you’d better start at once to try!